What’s the connection between Space Syntax and Agent-Based Modelling?

I don’t usually get this technical when sharing ideas on this blog. That said, I have given myself this highly conceptual but engaging conundrum (that’s just how I roll). In conversation with colleagues at the Bartlett’s Architecture School (UCL) a methodology, called “Space Syntax”, one that we are being encouraged to adopt in our experiments with augmented space and our attempts to understand how participants and inhabitants of these spaces act and react in them. On the other hand, we are looking at new ways of delivering digital and virtual objects into physical space. And, after another conversation, a bit more close to home at Bradford University, our Archaeologists there have been using a technique called “Agent Based Modelling”, presumably, in part, to predict forms of land use in the deep past.

So, to my question, what is the connection between these two very different approaches to the way that human beings mobilise and use the space around them? This will keep my busy over the coming weeks as I begin to prepare both publications, research questions etc. We need to come to an understanding of augmented space and these concepts are going to be critical.


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